Quirky Coaching now Live and Launched

Quirky Coaching now Live and Launched

Welcome to Quirky Coaching in association with Quirky Academy and Blog Trainer UK.

Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy

Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy

Blog Trainer UK in association with Quirky Academy

Quirky Coaching in association with Quirky Academy and Blog Trainer UK

  • Find out more about Sandra Bellamy and Quirky Coaching
  • Experience the coaching difference like never before with Coaching and Advising all in one. Incorporating the 6 Principles of Quirky Coaching Success: Consult/Advise/Mentor/Coach/Train/Evaluate. A combination of any, of all of these principles can be used to win your way to success and happiness.

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How it all began – A personal Quirky Coaching Message from Sandra Bellamy 


Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy

Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy

With traditional coaching, you need to look within yourself for the answers, and for some people, this is a means of empowerment. However, as I found out for myself when I receiving coaching, this way, is not for everyone. I like solving problems myself, but found it frustrating that as I already knew the answers to what I wanted to know, I was paying someone else for me to solve my own problems, that I already knew how to solve before I started. It wasn’t until my coach agreed to ‘break the rules’ and give me some advice and guidance in a mentoring session, instead of coaching session, that I was able to see my way further forward, instantly. With her knowledge, and my skills and input applied to her advice, I was able to know where I was headed for the next year to come. This was powerful stuff, it was empowering for me, and I knew I wanted to do this to help others. Thus, the concept of Quirky Coaching was born and I feel blessed to be able to offer this unique form of coaching to others.

"Throw away the rule book 
and create your own"

If you have a problem and need help solving it, contact me, Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy, right now!

Specialising in:

  • Embrace Your Quirky in your life and business to live a happy, successful and fulfilling existence
    • Lateral thinking solutions
    • NLP techniques
    • Affirmations.
  • Blogging for Business, health and happiness
  • Asexuality
    • Confidence
    • Self-esteem
    • Happiness
  • Being Single
    •  Confidence
    •  Self-esteem
    •  Happiness
  • Mental Health
    • Living with a mental health condition
    • Managing your mental health condition
    • Becoming confident
    • Raising your self esteem
    • Feel good to be you – You unique quirky self (Embrace Your Quirky)
  • Business Coaching
    • Business Marketing and Social Media strategies
    • Business names
  • Achieving your dream job
    • Goal setting
    • Organisation
    • Mindset
  • Getting back into work
    • Job Hunting and application; specialising in Retail
    • CVs
    • Cover Letters

Beware – This is no ordinary coaching experience. Experience the coaching difference like never before. You will receive groundbreaking all in one coaching and advising. Expect to be advised and guided to accelerate your development.

Expect to:

  • Work hard
  • Set Goals
  • Take continuous action to achieve those goals

There are plenty or traditional coaches offering their services, but traditional coaching does not work for everyone. Sometimes, having to come up with all of the answers yourself, can feel like hitting your head against a brick wall. Quirky Coaching, can stop that hitting your head against a brick wall feeling, and help you get where YOU need to go, faster.

What if, YOU can learn from someone with a lot of life and business experience?

What if, YOU can come up with some answers yourself, but can propel yourself forward in your life and business quicker, by learning from someone with expertise in what you need to know?

Wouldn’t that be great?

Wouldn’t you feel like you are getting more value for money and having a wonderful coaching experience, with tools you can take and use straight away?

Wouldn’t that be super awesome?

That is what I am here for. Call me now on 07932 7698970 or 01392 434202 for a free consultation or leave a message with suitable times to phone you and I can call you back (*In the UK).

If you can relate to what I am saying, you have tried traditional coaching before and it didn’t work for you, or you just want to try something different, why not give Quirky Coaching a try? Phone me (Sandra Bellamy) on 07932 768970 or 01392 43420 for a free 20 minute consultation to find out if, and how, I can help you.

* If you live outside of the UK, options for your free consultation can include Skype or other. Please contact me in the first instance, via email [email protected] or message me via here using the Contact form, on Facebook www.facebook.com/quirkycoaching or Via Twitter www.twitter.com/quirkycoaching. I look forward to hearing from you.


Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy

Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy, lives in Exeter, in the UK. Not far from the historic and picturesque Quayside. With her three furry kid guinea pigs; Daisy, Snow and Chestnut. Sandra has worked in retail for over 17 years, 7 of those have been in management roles, that included recruitment of staff. She has been made redundant twice and each time worked her work her way back up the ladder. Among the jobs she does; Sandra works for the NHS Partnership Trust, teaching Blogging, Twitter and Facebook, to aid student's recovery from mental ill health. Sandra suffered with depression, but freed herself from it, without medication, a little over 3 years ago, using her Embrace Your Quirky philosophy, that now underpins her life and businesses. She feels great that can help others to embrace their quirky and aid their recovery. Sandra's huge passion in life is to write and to help others, including those who have been made redundant to get back into work. Her Company; World Or Quirky, incorporating Quirky Academy, Quirky Training, Quirky-Marketing, Quirky Mentoring, Quirky Coaching, Blog Trainer UK, beatredundancyblues, and quirkybooks, offers a range of products and services to do just that. Sandra's mission is to get everyone to embrace their quirky, in their life and business, to lead a happy, successful and fulfilling existence. Read more about her at http://www.sandrabellamy.co.uk

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  • Testimonials for Quirky Coach Sandra Bellamy

    Testimonial for Quirky Mentoring By Business First Letter Group

    5 Star/5 Stars.

    Testimonial for Quirky Mentoring By Business First Letter Group

    When our business needed effective marketing and development strategies in order to build our brand, Sandra and Quirky Mentoring worked closely with us to provide a unique, quirky and successful solution which was personalised to our business. She created opportunities for us by suggesting our Business of the Month competition which has really increased the awareness of our hashtag #FLbiz and has helped grow our business with our hashtag now having over 5 million views per month. Sandra has also supported us every step of the way in increasing our Twitter followers from 2,000 to nearly 10,000 in just under 11 months with new and quirky ways with engaging with our audience.

    Sandra has mentored and inspired promotional ideas for our Business of the Month Marketing competition also, which in turn offered opportunities to expand our business Group even further. This has since created a networking platform for us, where we have successfully launched a rapidly expanding e-commerce business which has tripled it's turnover since 2013.

    This has supported our business Group greatly as with Sandra’s help, we have now built the foundations in which we can fulfil other business opportunities. All of which we are very thankful for.

    "A true and inspiring quirky service which you will never find elsewhere.”

    First Letter Group


    Aaron Palmer 'First Letter Group' Founder

    Testimonial for Blog Trainer UK Sandra Bellamy

    5 Star/5 Stars.

    Testimonial For Blog Trainer UK: 'I attended a three-class course run by Sandra looking at how to get started in blogging. The classes were enjoyable, well-taught, and easy to understand. Sandra’s personality shone through her teaching and made the experience positive and non-threatening.
 I have been blogging on and off since the course, and have found it to be a good activity to be involved in.’


    Michael Hodges

    Testimonial For Quirky Mentoring By Damie John

    5 Star/5 Stars.

    Damie John –

    Hi, I’m Damie John. I want to give a testimonial for quirky mentoring by Sandra Bellamy.

    In November of 2014, I was mentored by Sandra Bellamy and we were working on my video blog. I got from Sandra, eight insights for advancing my vlog. And Sandra helped me to see the big picture, and explained how I can use my opportunities to achieve my goals.

    I can say unambiguously, Sandra is one of the biggest experts of coaching. And the Quirky methods really work. It gives you big different results.

    If you have a goal, but not sure how to achieve it easily and more effectively - call to Sandra Bellamy.

    Damie John Life Coach and Vlogger